What are the 3 Cohorts?

If you're approved for membership, the WISE Team will select your Cohort when they review your initial WISE Membership application. 
WISE will review cohort eligibility requirements and cohort selections from time to time and reserves the right to request additional documentation as necessary. 


Associate Members are professionals in the sales community that are in a mostly or exclusively Individual Contributor-based role. Discussion topics center around everyday best practices, long-term career development and more.
  • Criteria 1: Must be currently in an Individual Contributor role within the revenue organization: Sales, Customer Success, Account Management, Revenue Operations, Enablement, Marketing or Support.


Leadership Members are professionals who are primarily in a management role. There’s an emphasis on leadership and management topics as well as executive career trajectory.
  • Criteria 1: Must be in a full time people management role (I.e. team lead/player-coach/mentoring individuals does not qualify).
  • Criteria 2: At least 7 years of professional experience OR be nominated by current company CXO/VP of Business Unit.


Executive Members are current executives and strategic sales leaders at growth-stage companies and large enterprises who are responsible for significant PnL responsibility and headcount. This cohort focuses on executive topics such as organizational design, financial planning and work-life balance management.
  • Criteria 1: At least 15 years of professional experience
  • Criteria 2: Title must be: President OR CXO OR SVP/VP’s of a substantial business unit
  • Criteria 3: Company must have 50+ full-time employees AND a minimum of $3M+ USD annual employee compensation
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