WISE Pods Policies

If you Sign Up, Please Show Up: We expect that if you sign up for a Pod that you intend to join. The WISE team cultivates each Pod carefully based on several factors, and the success of the entire Pod is based on everyone attending and participating, so ghosting ruins it for everyone. If you do have to cancel for some reason, please do so at least 24 hours in advance, which you can do through the WISE App. If you no-show or cancel day-of, we reserve the right to limit your ability to participate in future Pods. 
General Video Etiquette: We want to see you! Please turn your video ON and keep yourself muted while others are talking.
Participate: We cap Pods at ~6-7 people so folks are comfortable being vulnerable and open. Everyone who joins these Pods has something to contribute so don’t just sit back - introduce yourself and engage!
Stay In Touch Afterwards: Our goal is that women in our community meet through WISE Pods, but connect with women in their groups and continue to cultivate professional relationships with them afterwards via Slack.
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