How do I refer new members to WISE?

If you have friends, coworkers, mentors or anyone else who you think would benefit from the community, spread the word and reap the benefits!

Whether they are already in sales (Business Development Representatives, Account Executives, Account Managers, Front-Line Sales Managers, Sales Directors, VP+, etc.), work closely with sales (Sales Enablement, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Managers, etc.) or have an interest in sales, we’d love to talk to them.

You’ll receive a $20 digital Gift Card for each successful referral you send our way (official members who are accepted into WISE).

Send them the link to the WISE Membership application (which can also be found on our website) and instruct them to list your name in the section that asks about the name of the referrer.

If you need help in tracking your referrals and following their progress, contact 

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